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Sponsor A Salvation

Do you have a heart for missions but can’t go on a mission trip?

Life can make it challenging to leave home and serve!

We understand, so we created aSafePlaceOnline.


Connecting with this digital generation via numerous advertisements, we interrupt their news feed scrolling on social media platforms. We engage these young people at their "point of need," offering them hope through help found only in Jesus Christ.

Our outreach on social media has produced amazing results. From across the globe, over one million young people have discovered hope and faith in Jesus since we launched aSafePlaceOnline in January 2020.

We realize we can’t reach every person on social media, however, our desire is to reach as many as possible.  (we've reached 500 MILLION people in 2023! )

This is how you can become a “digital missionary” TODAY!


On aSafePlaceOnline, the more people who see our ads, the more who will be introduced to Jesus for the very first time, and the more souls will enter the Kingdom of Heaven! 

Currently, For about every $1 invested, we are seeing a “Yes to Jesus.” Every changed life will be forever grateful for your sponsorship. Your gift of $50 will sponsor fifty salvations, $100 will sponsor 100. Any amount you give goes directly to our outreach!


Together we can reach more people with the great news of Jesus Christ, and 100% of your gift will be deployed for sponsorship. We’ll also send you a report each month with the results of our partnership. How exciting! 

“You just saved my best friend’s life, he has been struggling for years and been trying to kill himself. Today I found your page on Facebook and sent it to him, hoping it was worth a shot. He tried it, and so far he feels more relieved and that he has a place to go. I’m eternally grateful for you and all you stand for!” – Steven

Click the button below to go to give. Your giving is tax-deductible.

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