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We All Have An Opportunity To Do Something Great!

Mission X Mission founder, Tim Bisagno shares a very important, time-sensitive update.

"It's obvious, the enemy has fiercely upped his game.  Since the enemy is being ultra-aggressive right now, should we not be even more aggressive?" - TIM

Our goal for 2023 is to see as many young people saved as possible.
GREAT NEWS! We've already seen 188,349 Salvations in 2023!!

In faith, if we keep our investment at the current amount, we will see close to 500,000 salvations in 2023.

If we double our current investment now, we will see about 750,000 salvations in 2023.

 By TRIPLING our current investment now, we will see ONE MILLION young people SAVED in 2023!

You may ask, how much are you needing to raise, Tim?

We need to raise $30K each month from May to December ON TOP of our current monthly investment to see ONE MILLION young people come to Jesus in 2023.


In order to see this increase in young people making decisions to follow Christ, we must increase our reach.


Your generosity allows us to immediately increase our outreach through greater ad placement. 


[ It's simple: More seed. More fruit. ]


The salvation results we will see are not pie-in-the-sky hopes.

Our methods have proven true since we started aSafePlaceOnline.

God is bringing the results. He's just including us!

Let's make a difference together!
If seeing young people come to Jesus is important to you, we believe this is a great investment. We encourage you to invest in this Christ-centered mission - to seek, and save the lost!
Our Pledge To You:
All gifts will be put to work immediately to reach young people across the globe.​

Not Stopping Until All Have Heard,


"Creating Endless Opportunities for Young People to Find Jesus"

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