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Watch Mission X Mission founder, Tim Bisagno interview with Adam Torres of "Mission Matters." Tim shares the amazing success of the ministry in 2021 and a new ministry goal for 2022.

"Creating Endless Opportunities for Young People to Find Jesus”

What mission matters to you?

Asked about his mission, Bisagno says, “Creating endless opportunities for young people to find Jesus is what it’s all about.” He states that it all comes down to young people knowing that there is a God that loves them. Unconditionally. Tim wants to point them to Jesus. Drugs, depression, and anxiety plagued Bisagno in his youth. His life vision is to lead young people to the God who knows their pain, understands their needs, and will provide the saving grace that will lead them to a life of hope and eternal life.

Tell us about your website,

“We’ve been helping young people find Jesus for 30 years,” Bisagno says, referring to

his ministry, Mission X Mission. But in January 2020, he launched to reach young people where they are - Online.

“Endless opportunities and countless salvations” were soon to follow. The website

guides young people to a safe place where they can chat or text 24/7 for free about

their spiritual or emotional needs.


Bisagno runs ads targeting pain points that young people find themselves going through

today. These ads are seen on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

He says, " doesn’t lead with ‘inviting’ nor theology, but instead, it ‘

interrupts’ young people right where they are.” The primary mission, he explains, is

“to connect young people to Jesus. Plain and simple. The results have been miraculous.”


What was your journey like leading up to the ministry?

Bisagno explains that he grew up in a Christian home, had a father who was a pastor at a megachurch, and graduated from a Christian university, but spent much of his younger years unsure what to do with his life. Getting sober at 27, he formed an international hard rock band based in Amsterdam, he turned his love for music into a purposeful passion sharing his new found hope in God.

The band ministry birthed a TV show, MXTV (Mission X Television): an evangelistic Dove Award-winning television program. MXTV has produced over 220 episodes, reaching about 150 countries, translated into 8 languages, airing on over 23 broadcasters worldwide. MXTV can also be seen at , YouTube and the MXTV App.

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