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I hope you and yours had a great time celebrating your FREEDOM in America last weekend!


This week - let’s celebrate the thousands of people from around the world being SET FREE at aSafePlaceonline ⭐️


 Salvation-wise, God is blowing the roof off our 2021 expectations!

We have seen over 45,000 young people say yes to Jesus,

just this year !!!

That's over 45,000 young people meeting Jesus for the first time! 



How are we seeing so many come to Christ through aSafePlaceOnline?

In 2021 alone - because of you, our partners, we have reached over 90 million young people through advertising across social media! Our ads interrupt their scrolling and lead them to aSafePlaceOnline to learn about faith in JesusAND IT’S WORKING! 

Over the last 1.5 years, we have learned how much it costs in outreach ads to see one decision to follow Christ. See “Sponsor A Salvation” below.

It’s simple. The more interruptive ads we place, the more young people we can reach. The more we reach, the greater opportunity they have to receive Him!

Clearly, we want to increase our ad budget!



     Our goal for the remainder of 2021 is to reach more young men.

Young men are a tough crowd to impact. Especially inside the USA. We recently met with the folks at GrooveLife Impact Foundation and shared our fresh burden to greatly increase our efforts to reach young men. They responded by pledging a significant amount for this new initiative! This is a great affirmation that God is on the move as we follow His leading! We are still believing for $90,000. Please consider being a partner in this valuable and needed focus.



We created a unique program where you can decide how many young people you would like to sponsor to bring to Christ. I encourage you to go to: 

There you’ll learn more about what the Lord is doing and how you can sponsor-a-salvation!


Together, we are “Creating endless opportunities for young people to find Jesus!”

With vision,

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