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MXTV is our first ministry, starting in 1996. A pioneer in Christian television, MXTV broke new ground, re:presenting the Gospel in a fresh, relevant way to young people around the world.


MXTV’s vision is to see today’s global youth culture encounter Jesus, resulting in their salvation.

MXTV creates relevant programming that resonates with young people while remaining faithful to the Truth of scripture.

MXTV home page


[ WHO ]

  • MXTV is a 30 minute TV show

[ WHAT ]

  • MXTV : Music | Message | Media

  • Turn it on and see the difference.

[ WHEN ]

MXTV has produced over 220 episodes during 29 years of continual television broadcast

  • MXTV episodes can be currently seen numerous times a week, across numerous platforms


MXTV airs on about 15 Christian networks in the USA and many more abroad.

  • MXTX reaches about 150 countries

  • MXTV is translated into 8 languages; Chinese, Korean, Russia, Ukrainian, Indonesian, Swedish, Norwegian, and Dutch

  • Social Platforms

[ HOW ]

  • Internet and Television

  • MXTV is a nonprofit;  501-c3   (mission x mission inc.)

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