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When it comes to the question of who would I want in a fox hole beside me in a war, Tim Bisagno is top of that list. I’ve known him to be a man of courage who has zero percent quit in him.


I’ve had a front row seat to a man who embodies godly masculinity. The love that Tim displays for his wife and two sons has been inspiring and consistent. He has lived a life of integrity in front of the camera and behind it.


I’ve known Tim Bisagno as a colleague in the music industry, then later as a fellow Elder at a church, and now as a faithful friend and longtime leader at the church that I pastor. He is an honorable man that is respected by not only me, but everyone around him.  


I have served as his pastor for over a decade, but more than that, Tim is my friend. I’m thankful that God was kind enough to me to bring Tim Bisagno into my world. 


Darren Tyler

Pastor. Author


I have known Tim since 2008 where we met at a men’s bible study.  Tim and I share a passion for the outdoors, bow hunting and a love for God.  We soon became fast friends. 


Tim is a passionate and hardworking follower of Christ whose passion for the lost is second to no one else that I know.  Tim is relentless in the function of sharing the gospel and not at all stuck in the form or way that it is done.  This is a unique trait. 


Over the years I have watched as Tim tactfully navigated the transition from MXTV, a satellite TV program targeting lost young people throughout the world, to the digital/social world through A Safe Place Online and StandUpDude.  Tim is now reaching more people than ever with measured results. I have been amazed to see Tim (not a spring chicken mind you) be able to completely pivot the way the gospel is presented and the medium it is presented in.  I don’t know many who have made the switch as well as Tim.  This could only have been accomplished by a man with a small ego and enormous clarity of mission. 


Tim is a lover and friend of God.  He is strong and determined but soft and gentle when the moment is right.  I have seen him cry many times and each time it is over a conversation about the lost young men and women he is trying to reach. Tim is passionate about rescuing these people to God through Christ as he was dramatically rescued in his twenties.  


I consider Tim one of my closest friends mainly because of his pure heart and “no gall” personality always willing to give.  


I know Tim’s two sons very well. Whether I should or not I always judge a man by his children and must say I hope my children turn out like his have.  Tim’s wonderful wife Edye is similarly a wonderful person and Tim’s perfect mate. Tim could not have stayed the course without her love and support.  


My family and my business, Groove Life, have both invested in the kingdom through Tim’s ministries.  We consider these investments some of our best ROI’s spiritually. Tim’s measurements on actual engagement and salvations are rare and reassuring that we are making a difference with our resources.  


I am confident that any type of endorsement, financial investment, partnership or association with Tim will be a success both for you personally and your organization.  


Please call or email me directly if further information is needed.

Sincerely,  Peter Goodwin

CEO Groove Life



Consistently consistent is what it means to be a man of God. That’s how I’d describe Tim Bisagno. Tim is a real man. Unapologetic about biblical manhood. And those are rare men to find these days! 


I’ve had a front row seat to his life, his marriage, and his work for almost 20 years now. In that time, I’ve seen Tim be consistently about people knowing Jesus Christ personally. I’ve seen Tim be in consistent pursuit of finding creative avenues to share Christ with people locally and globally. 


It’s an overused term perhaps, but it rings true for sure that Tim Bisagno is the real deal when it comes to a man of God who follows Christ with hunger and purpose. 


Dr. Jason Cruise

Author. Pastor.


For over 30 years I’ve known Tim Bisagno as creative, forward-thinking, innovative and skilled at the use of media to place a provocative and meaningful Gospel message deep into the center of youth culture.


I am honored to call Tim a friend and I truly believe in his latest initiative to break into the battle for the hearts and minds of young males. is poised to make a real difference in the war for the souls of men.


His life, both on a personal level and in private, are marked with integrity and a passion to share Christ. 


Curt Williams

Executive Director

Youth-Reach, Inc.


Tim Bisagno is a man’s man! He is strong in character, a self-starter, but with a tender heart for God and others, especially those in pain. His vision to reach others for Christ consumes his life!


Dr. Curt Dodd

Senior Pastor, Westside Church, Omaha, NE

Host of Higher Aim with Dr. Curt Dodd


Tim has an incredible passion to help youth culture find Christ through media engagement.  He’s constantly listening, learning and crafting vision to impact more people, and goes the extra mile to make it happen.  I’m honored to have worked with him and his team to be a part of that.



Hip Hop artist

Church Leader



I have described  Tim to friends this way – Spending time with Tim feels like you’ve been hanging out with Jesus.  Motorcycle riding, bow hunting, new hairstyle every time you see him, Jesus.’ He is authentic. He is genuine. He loves  the Lord with all his heart, soul and mind and strength,  and to say he has a passion to reach the lost is an understatement of epic  proportions.  

I first met Tim in the early 80’s when I attended First Baptist Church Houston where his dad, Dr. John Bisagno was the pastor. We reconnected in 1997 after my husband and I saw him on TV hosting his show, MXTV. Tim had  a vision of sharing Jesus with young people in a way  that was unconventional at the time .  He looked like them, spoke their language, played their music (but with a message.)   And those who found MXTV listened.  And they responded.  But it wasn’t just the methodology that was so effective, it was (and still is) Tim himself.  ( moved this part to the top ) 

 I joined the board MXTV/Mission X  in 2001.  Over the past two decades I have had the privilege of witnessing the ministry achieve exponential reach through new and relevant programming resulting in numbers of salvations we could once have only dreamed of.   The Lord continues to bless this ministry in ways that can only be explained as His favor on a man and a ministry wholly dedicated to ‘re-presenting’ the Word of God to a generation of young people who are more savvy, more distrusting and possibly more in need of a biblical source of Truth than any generation before it.    I believe God is using Tim to help lead this charge.  I’m excited to be on the journey with him and  I can’t wait to watch what happens next!

Anna Diaz

Mission X Board Member, 21 years.

Wife, mother of two, and business owner


I traveled for over 12 years with The Billy Graham Crusades. - During this same time, Tim’s dad John taught the Schools of Evangelism for Dr. Graham at the crusades. Tim’s father John Bisagno pastored 1st Baptist in Houston for over 30 years and licensed me to preach. - I have known  Tim and his family for over 40 years and they are some of the finest “on-fire for Jesus” Christians I have ever known. 


I began to support Mission X Mission a number of years ago and became a member of his board. Tim and his wife Edye are 2 of the dearest friends my wife Jackie and I have and we highly trust their leadership in ministry. 


By the grace of God for several years now we have generously donated each year to Tim and Edyes’s ministry. We do it  because their ministry is good soil and all they do is first birthed in prayer. 


The Lord has so tremendously blessed A Safe Place and all they do! It truly is a miracle! We highly recommend all their Mission X ministries for your consideration. God bless!


Mark Klein 

Co-owner Klein Funeral Homes and Memorial Parks in Houston.


I’ve known Tim for over 20 years. His passion for reaching broken people and his heart for people are second to none. I have always been impressed by the commitment to do whatever it takes to innovate ways to communicate to people in this ever changing digital culture. Much respect for Tim and his calling to impact on an eternal level. 


Brock Gill

Illusionist. Author. TV host


Tim is a brother in Christ. His heart is for the Lord and His work. If there is anyone that would be a leader in men's ministry, it would be Tim. I stand with him and believe in what he is doing. My prayer is that Tims ministry would grow. Please consider following Tim as he follows the lead of the Lord. 


Krunti “Kae” Hester


Sr. Producer


I have been a Christ Follower for 50+ years and have a passion for evangelism. When Billy Graham passed away, I thought we no longer had a global evangelism “voice.”

My greatest concern has been for ages 18-30. Tim carries the same passion for the lost as Billy Graham, especially for young people; for that I’m grateful. 


Mike Cowart
Legacy Advisor

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