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aSafePlaceOnline launched January 2020, just before COVID-19 impacted the world.
Little did we know how God would use it bring help and hope to millions of people worldwide!


ASafePlaceOnline exists to engage young people at their point of spiritual and/or emotional need.

aSafePlaceOnline provides free 24/7 chat service for those in life crisis. Helped by over 800 trained care specialists, they present the hope found in Jesus alone. Thousands have been saved and discipled.

aSafePlaceOnline expects to change the world by offering the life saving message of Jesus and His salvation, reaching hearts of young women, one at a time. Not stopping until all have heard.



In order to reach young people where they are, on social media, we first interrupt their scrolling by placing paid ads on their feeds, like the ones you see here.


Our ads target "pain points" many face. The goal is that our ads will cause them to stop scrolling down their news feed,  consider their condition, and compel them to visit aSafePlaceOnline to receive help and hope.

Once on our website, they learn who God is and His plan of salvation for them. We then give them an opportunity to accept Jesus right then and there. When they click the "I Accepted Jesus Now" button, we track the clicks, and that is how we know a salvation decision took place.

We also provide an option
 to chat live with our provider,  Need Him.  They have a team of over 800 trained caring volunteers, available 24/7/365 to chat and guide people to faith in Jesus. The results have been incredible! (See Below)

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The Results


As with anything new, it took time to learn how to most effectively advertise on social media platforms.  The first few months of 2020 started slow, but with knowledge gained and persistence, we started to see results! In 2020, our ads reached 21 Million people, resulting in 12,281 salvations! An amazing number, but we knew we were just getting started, as several shared with us that more were on the way!


In 2021, we asked our donors to help us reach even more people, and they stepped up! Our ads reached over 427 Million people, and resulting in 100,143 salvations!


We set a goal of 222,000 salvations, and we reached it in July! We ended the year with 386,051 salvations! Our ads were seen over 1.2 BILLION times!  We also celebrated a milestone of 500,000 total salvations since launching aSafePlaceOnline!


We are off to a fantastic start to the year, We have seen over 160,000 come to Christ through April 23, 2023! We launched a new chat system to communicate the gospel message to every single person who reaches in to chat with us. We are seeing (as of February 2023) over 500 chat initiations daily! For those still wanting to chat live, we connect them to our partner, Need Him. They can then share more about their struggle and receive real time, live in person help and hope.



With so many coming to know Jesus through aSafePlaceOnline, we know how important it was to continue discipling and nurturing these new believers! Here is how we accomplish this:

1- 30 Day Next Steps Guide: We send an email every day for 30 days to those who sign up after conversion. So far, over 100,000 brand new believers have received these daily doses of God's Word and encouragement. We hear back from many who are so thankful!


2- Living The Abundant Life Guide: In December, 2022, we created this weekly email series for those who completed our 30 Day Next Steps Guide to continue receiving teachings from God's Word. This list has quickly grown to over 20,000 people, with over 5000 being added monthly.

3- A Facebook Group: In 2021, we created a private, safe and secure group where members share their struggles. We post help and hope, and other members also post encouragement. We frequently share teaching videos and articles to help them learn about and accept Jesus.  We also disciple and encourage those who are new believers. The group is nearing 17,000 members as of February 2023. We have seen many come to know Jesus in our group! 

4- A Prayer Wall: We created a way for people to post their prayer requests on our website, and for those who pray for them to post their response. We have seen thousands of prayer requests and many answers prayers! See the Prayer Wall here.

5- Bible App: We provide a link for them to read the bible, right on their phones! 

6- Find a Church: We provide a link to find a church in their area made possible by our friends from

All of this has been made possible by our faithful and wonderful donors! The fields are ripe for harvest!  Prayerfully consider giving to help us reach even more people. There are almost 3 BILLION accounts on Facebook. We have a long way to go to reach them all! We're just getting started!

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