Thank you for your interest in giving to support our ministry efforts. Your giving will go towards our faith-work reaching young adults, 18-30 with the great news of Jesus Christ. To help you determine your gift, we wanted to share how your giving will impact lives globally.

Your giving will enable us to produce original video content on MXTV and present it to the world through our 23 cable TV network partners. In 2021, new episodes with relevant and compelling topics are planned. Each episode requires time and effort to create, write, film, edit, deliver, along with compensating multiple personnel with an approximate cost of $15,000 per episode. Over the past 25 years, we have produced 200+ episodes. Watch video testimonies here. Visit MXTV to learn more.

Our “aSafePlaceOnline” division, your giving helps us place paid ads that display on news feeds and searches on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other online destinations. We call this “interruptive marketing,” and it has worked incredibly well! We are seeing over 5000 people per month come to Christ! See an example of how we reach people for Christ on our Facebook Page. Our ads include a link that can be clicked to come to our website and chat with a trained volunteer from our ministry partner “Need Him.” Click here to visit our Chat Page. You will see before they chat with someone, we present the gospel message to them, and they can let us know if they accepted Jesus into their heart right then and there by clicking a button. We track these button clicks, and that is how we know how many have accepted the Lord.  We are truly digital missionaries!

Another feature on the aSafePlaceOnline website is an active prayer wall, where people from anywhere in the world can request prayer. When someone prays, we send an email letting them know they have been prayed for. It’s amazing to see how people from around the world respond! Visit aSafe Place Online to learn more.

In early January 2021, we created a private, invitation-only aSafePlaceOnline group on Facebook where those who have commented or liked our “A Safe Place Online” page on Facebook are invited to become a member. We already have close to 3000 members! We post teaching videos, articles, as well as minister on a daily basis to help them grow in their new faith in Christ. These baby believers (and some who are yet to believe) are being nurtured on a full-time basis. Our goal is to raise up strong believers in Christ, to go into their world’s and help change the world! It’s working! Your giving will help us continue to build the community, and raise up these world changers!

Our divisions are actively building and maintaining their various ministries and attaining their goals. Through our giving partners, we have seen God move in ways we could never have imagined, and we see signs already this year that growth is continuing to explode. We are in a time of harvest around the globe! Our needs are quite large, but we are so grateful for any donation of any size. We appreciate your prayerful giving and we promise your gift will not return void, and will be multiplied many times over! God bless you and thank you!


Your giving is 100% tax-deductible. Click the button below to give today.