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Friends, 2022 has been a year of miracles! We learned what worked in 2021, so we doubled down this year and the results have been spectacular! Thanks to you, we are happy to give you this report. Praise God!!!!

We're at 111,078 salvations so far, (let that # sink in!) and on our way to our 2022 goal of 222,000 decisions for Christ on our aSafePlaceOnline website!

We need your help now to continue this incredible momentum to reach our goal.

Your donations purchase ads we run on social media to reach young people who are at their point of need. The more ads we run, the more people we reach, and  the more come to Christ!

It's that simple!

To donate, click the button below:

God Bless! - TIM

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Special Message From Tim Bisagno

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